How To Develop Self-Worth: 6 Meaningful Ways

by thecharmingsoul


Self-worth is the anchor that helps us climb through the stair of personal development and grooming in a myriad of ways. It is the aspect without which we cannot accomplish our goals in a meaningful way or at all. As a human, having a positive and confident notion of ourselves is one essential thing that makes us prosper in life.

One of the key indicators of having high self-worth includes a good sense of self-awareness: what you are from the inside and the outside. When you are inherently satisfied with yourself, you feel complete and don’t need any external validation. Also, no external criticism makes you question your potential or abilities of any kind as a person. This is how the idea of self-worth takes a vital role in your life. You seem to be more confident in yourself as you climb the stairs of gratitude and self-fulfillment in every walk of your life.

Furthermore, when you have an established sense of self-esteem, you no longer harbor negativity in your heart; you know things for a fact and stop comparing yourself with others.

Why Develop Self-Worth?

Some of the benefits of self-worth involve the following:

  • Enhanced awareness of your true potential
  • Improved gratitude and positivity towards things
  • Being satisfied in your accomplishments
  • Not worrying about the future
  • No comparison and jealousy towards others
  • Improved motivation for future goals

Now that you know some significant benefits that come with developing self-esteem, here is how to focus on yourself.

How to Develop Self-Worth?

When it comes to how to work on yourself, you need to know that self-worth development doesn’t occur overnight. You need to go through a series of self-discipline and focus with lots of patience and persistence. Developing self-worth calls for kindness towards yourself. If you get too hard, you will lose the real essence of it and begin getting frustrated instead of being fulfilled. So, here are some ways through which you can develop self-worth:

1.   Positive Affirmations and Journaling Helps Immensely

Too often, we send ourselves negative messages that hamper our growth. Our mind is fixated to think through a pessimistic filter based on the events occurring in the past. This concept can lead us to think with a fixed mindset. In order to break the cycle of negativity, you need to believe in the concept of the growth mindset. It comes from sending yourself positive messages and shutting down the inner voices you may have.

You can write positive affirmations to yourself, which will help you improve your growth and self-confidence. The idea is to practice self-love regularly, so you feel you can fight the harmful and harsh voices in your head that don’t let you be your best version.

Some of the ways you can send yourself some positive affirmations include:

  • Sending love notes to yourself – write them and put them in a jar, repeat for a month, and read all positive messages by the end of every month.
  • Positive journaling – this idea will help you harness the true essence of life. When you are positive in your writing or any other way of expression, your mind automatically reprograms itself and becomes more positive. Instead of getting too hard on yourself and becoming your worst critic, focus on establishing harmony with yourself this way.

2.   Practice the Art of Gratitude

Gratitude is the first thing that comes to mind when we are feeling positive and energetic. The idea is to send out positive messages towards nature and the universe, so you feel more fulfilled in yourself. This is the art of gratitude you need to practice in life. Now, there are specific ways through which you can practice gratitude. When it comes to developing self-esteem, there are some simple ways through which you can harness this power.

For example, be grateful for having the ability to breathe, eat, and do simple things. This will help you to instill positive energy in yourself as you flourish in your life. Gratitude helps to establish a positive relationship with nature and all the things that are around us. This concept enables you to understand that it is not essential to be happy about the things you want to receive, rather the things you already have.

3.   Identify and Enhance Your Core Values

It is also vital to develop, respect, and enhance your core values. However, you need to first make sure that the values you are working towards are inherently yours. You don’t need to fake it, just go with the flow and let yourself recognize your core values. For example, you might feel that spreading love is one of your core values, and so you may want to work on that value. You may talk and express your feelings with those you love and take steps to help people feel better. Being vulnerable is also one thing that may help you develop a strong relationship with others.

If you want to develop a good sense of self-esteem in yourself, know it is also essential for you to respect your core values, or you will not be able to practice them. By understanding the importance of everything you truly value, you learn to appreciate your own value.


4.   Learn to Accept Compliments

You also need to learn to accept compliments from other people. It is the best way to let the positive energy run in yourself. You are declining your power whenever you shrug it off when people have something positive to say about you. Many people do not realize that receiving compliments is just as important as giving them. Understanding this helps you understand the process of the giving nature of the universe. You will feel fulfilled and accomplished and be ready to stand tall when the world has so much appreciation to offer you. This is the ultimate power of compliments and it is vital if you want to know how to overcome low self-esteem.

You will also know that when you wholeheartedly accept compliments, you feel more positive about yourself, which helps you improve further. Next time, if someone compliments you, instead of being an enemy to yourself and taking it all away, be a kind friend to yourself and accept with warm thanks. Not only will this help you feel more confident and fulfilled in yourself, but it also helps the other person to find you more fulfilled and complete in yourself. This is also especially important in different events and circumstances such as:

  • Going for an interview
  • Attending a presentation and having a talk session with your fellows
  • Doing someone a favor
  • Dressing up for a special event

5.   Think Thoroughly and Be Patient

You need to be able to think thoroughly to understand the dynamics of how self-esteem works. It is because your ability to process your emotions brings a fundamental breakthrough required for your growth as a person. You need to understand that your low self-esteem may have an unhealed cause behind it. Understanding this truth will help you in the healing process. Also, you need to make sure you understand the dynamics of how healing works.

It is important to remember that true healing starts from within, and you need to break the cycle of low self-esteem by working on yourself minute by minute. Healing is never linear, so do not expect fast results. You might be back to square one the moment you happen to let the negative voices take over. Therefore, it is essential to work on yourself continuously and never be discouraged if things do not go your way.

6.   Cut off Toxic Bonds

It is important if you want to know how to build self-esteem and confidence. You need to cut off your bonds with those who don’t show you true love, support, and trust. These are toxic relationships or may develop into one if you let things go. Such relationships do not provide you anything but result in hurt in the end. However, there are some bonds that you cannot cut off totally, so the key is to learn to disengage from them gradually. Know that you are not responsible for mending the bond with them, and there is no way you have to feel guilty about it.

Draw boundaries and do not let anyone cross the line that can damage your self-esteem. If a person jokingly comments on you or undermines your potential time and again, build in yourself the courage to stop the person right there and make them understand that they cannot cross the boundary that you have drawn. It is vital for improving self-respect.

Final Words

Now you know what is self worth and some of the ways through which you can develop self-worth in your life. The idea is to stay consistent and keep working on yourself despite what your inner voices say to you.

Remember, no matter how damaged your self-esteem is, it is crucial to make yourself understand that with your positive thinking and consistency, you can break the pattern of decades and develop self-esteem and confidence that shines in the best way for you. When you develop that invincible shield of self-esteem, you don’t get disturbed by the negative things in life anymore. After all, we all deserve to think good of ourselves.


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