Going Through A Healing Process? 9 Things You Need To Know

by thecharmingsoul

Trauma and pain are some bitter realities that can leave lasting wounds in our lives.

Healing is a conscious and continuous process of change that requires sacrifice and discipline. Therefore, it is necessary to stay on track and make sure that you find a ray of hope in your dark hours. Healing is a powerful and essentials step you can use to cope with the damages you face in your life.

When you are truly honest with the pain and the situation your trauma has brought to you, then are you able to continue with the healing process. However, you need to accept that healing is not a one-time thing but a long-term run. You must be ready to follow some procedures that will help you make the healing process easy.

Here are 9 things you need to know and pay attention to when going through the healing process.

Healing process, 9 things you need to know.

1.     Do One Thing At A Time

One step at a time. Working on multiples tasks when it comes to healing can be harmful in the long term. You become overwhelmed stressed, and the feeling of failure takes place. Small and manageable change gives hope and leads to motivation and encouragement through the healing process.

– Take your time, instead of going all-in once, try changing one thing at a time and put your focus on it.

– The best thing is to go with your gut and do what you please.

always do one thing at a time and do it right. Doing one thing right is better than doing many things, and it also brings happiness, pride, and a sense of accomplishment to you when you see you have achieved something excellent.

2.     Go Easy On Yourself

This rule means that you should not go harsh on yourself. Instead, you must practice kindness and self-love for yourself as much as you can. When you are healing yourself, you are taking yourself from the harsh and hard times and showing yourself the light. In these times, you must become kind to yourself, just like a parent would do for their child.

·        When you don’t feel like doing a certain thing, and it drains you out, you need to consider yourself a priority in such cases.

·        Sacrificing yourself all the time for others and living in difficulty 24/7 would do you and others around you no favor in the end.

·        Consequently, you will feel drained and have no energy left in yourself to go on.

That is why it is vital to reserve some energy for yourself by being kind and easy on yourself, so you become able to give back to others around you and heal at the right place.

3.     Learn To Say No When Necessary

You might think saying “no” to others is a rude thing, and it might make others consider you as a selfish and mean person. But trust me sometimes saying “Yes” can be more problematic than saying “no.”

Set your boundaries. It will help in the long term and protect you from feeling guilty for someone else’s negative feelings or problems and taking others’ comments personally.

Create boundaries through healing means creating healthy lines in the sand. Healthy habits. Healthy self-efficacy. Healthy emotional boundaries require clear internal boundaries knowing your feelings and your responsibilities to yourself and others.

Setting boundaries is not selfish. Its self-love and it is mean that you say “Yes,” to you, each time you say “No.” Is a way to cultivate your self-esteem.

4.     Healing process Is Non-Linear.

Healing is a non-linear process. You cannot say that a single-phase attempt at healing is enough to heal your old wounds all at once.

When you confront every issue from your past, it will be painful and further traumatizing. It is you cauterizing your wounds. For those days, it will feel as if your life is in free fall with no idea as to where it is going to end up.

You will see yourself reverting to the old self struggling time and again. These are the times when you might struggle with sustaining hope for yourself but remember this is normal.

It takes time to naturally heal from within, but it is the only way; there are no shortcuts.

This circle will continue to happen until it gets so small that it ultimately diminishes. The idea is to beat it with your willpower and consistency. Do not hold back when you want to start over.

5.     Practice Self-Care

When you are in the process of healing yourself, you may want to be disciplined and consistent, and these require lots of patience. However, practicing these might often result in you going too hard on yourself, so it is best to practice self-care in all dimensions:

  • Your physical health
  • Your mental health
  • Your emotional health and so on.

Treat yourself meaningfully. Instead of treating yourself superficially, you need to continue practicing self-care through your values and beliefs that actually important in your life.


6.     Remind Yourself Of Why You Are Doing It.

Whatever might be the case, and no matter how hard the trauma recovery process may seem at times, you need to remind yourself of why you are doing it in the first place.

This will give you some kind of motivation to drive you through the tough times. It will also be helpful for you to imagine the pain you have already faced and the consequences you have faced, making you strong and promising yourself to say ‘no more to the troubles that have come in the way.

7.     Be Responsible For Your Healing

One of the most brutal truths you will have to remember is that you are responsible for your healing. It is crucial to hold yourself accountable for the work you’re doing, when you are in the healing process and be aware of the pain, the trouble your past trauma has caused you.

To make sure that you are doing the right thing during the process, it is necessary that you learn some ways to check in your accountability, such as

  • Discuss with someone you trust.
  • Note your patterns.
  • Get a chart.
  • Write in a journal and do other things like that which will help you in the process.

Be open about your struggle with your mental health, and in most cases, you will find the help you need. Remember there is no perfect way or steps for healing.

8.     Little Things Matter

Sometimes, it is essential to acknowledge that little things matter as well. As you proceed to start your healing journey, it is necessary to understand that a huge milestone doesn’t make a difference all the time. You will note even breathing deeply for two to three minutes can make you feel refreshed and help you calm your anxiety when you are feeling bad about a past incident.

When you are grateful for the little things, you attract more and more positivity towards yourself. This will help you build a sense of fulfillment in your life which will provide you with an insight to keep going forward.

9.     Awareness Goes A Long Way

The first stage in the healing process is the step of awareness. This is followed by the step of acknowledgment and acceptance. This is when we are fully aware of what has gone wrong with us and accept the reality of it. Then, we can move to the next process, which is the acceptance of the process.

This is when instead of becoming guilty of it, we accept ourselves truly and wholly for what we are and what the situation has turned us into. Next comes the phase of building the capacity to deal with it in truly honest terms.

Final Words

Healing is a journey that requires a lot of patience and sensitivity. You need to commit to yourself with no conditions and be ready to start over when times seem to get rough. So, learn about healing yourself when times get tough with these effective tips. These will help you go a long way and attain a better sense of your purpose in life as you move with value and meaning.

And don’t forget to believe that these times will pass and whatever happens, you have the capacity to overcome it. One day you will look back and see how much you have evolved as a human being.

“It’s not the wound that teaches, but the healing.” Marty Rubin

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