12 Life Organization Hacks to Make Your Space a Zen During Holidays

by thecharmingsoul

“Clean your space, clear your mind.”


 A zen space is a place where you can become a better version of yourself by focusing on your peace and mental health. It is that space where you strive to embellish your potential and generate your energy into repairing and relaxing your mind. Doing this will result in a more productive, stable, and emotionally more intelligent version of you.

Zen space is a Buddhist concept, which means that it is the place that gives you peace. It is the space where you feel unbothered by the difficulties of life, and you are finally at peace. This is precisely what we need during the hassle of holidays.

The following are some of the simple life organization hacks that will help in making your space zen during the holiday season:

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1.  Empty All Trash Bins Daily

One of the first principles for making your space Zen is to keep cleanliness at the point. You cannot attain clarity in the mind if your environment is not clean and tidy. For better mental peace and alertness, clean your space regularly. Don’t let the dust sit on the table or keep your cushions out of form on your sofa. Make sure to put the trash bin outside your space daily.

If there is something to recycle, do not compromise or delay. Use your full vigilance to ensure nothing of waste in your space, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

2.  Get Storage Boxes and Label Them

We all have things to sort out, and the essence of sorting things out ideally begins with having separate compartments for storing everything.

  • For example, keep a separate stationary box to store your pencils, pens, staplers, tape, scissors, and other items. Don’t mix such things with other types, such as a toolkit or first aid.
  • What’s more, highlighting the compartments with the help of some labels or simply assigning colors or key abbreviations can help you improve your life organization game significantly.
  • Also, make sure you categorize everything around you so that you can feel more mental clarity and organization.

It becomes much easier and simpler to find out things, and you stay out of that “frustration loop” once you are better able to organize your items that way.

3.  Add Some Symbols as Reminders

A zen space is incomplete without symbols. So, don’t forget to add some trinkets or pictures that help you stay relaxed or peaceful. Zen décor is incomplete without these, especially a zen bedroom.

If you are looking for some important quality such as compassion, love, or wisdom, try to find relevant decorative pieces for your zen room. For example, a peace symbol or a dreamcatcher can help you stay calm and positive whenever you catch a glimpse of them. Do not forget that it’s really more about finding something that gives YOU peace and clarity of mind. So, try finding something that works for you as it’s all good as long as you are getting positive energy from it.

4.  Get a Notice Board in Your Space

There are different things that may be on your mind all the time. For that, place a notice board that will work as a reminder in your space to help you notify all the things in your to-do list. Now, there might be some tasks that need to be done urgently and some that require time and resources. You can cut out separate notes for tasks based on their urgency and importance and build an Eisenhower Matrix square. Stick it to your notice board with tape or pins, and refresh the matrix every now and then.

You can also make a weekly checklist to be pasted on the notice board. As you do the tasks, you can mark the empty box tick and check your progress throughout the week. This is one of the best ways of staying active and disciplined about your tasks. But, make sure that your plans are flexible, and you can make changes if needed.


5.  Practice Meditation


It is pertinent to realize that one can only achieve zen from the “inside.” Often we project our emotions in the wrong way just because we are not in tune with our thoughts. Meditating is a way of being cut off from the world for some time and just focusing on your thoughts. With your thoughts more balanced, you will be able to think, plan and heal better. Although meditation is not a hack for your physical space but “hacking” your mental space can have real effects on yourself, the people around you, and your space.

We recommend meditating right after waking up in a meditation room. This way, you will be aligned mentally for the day. Also, meditate before going to bed in your Zen or meditation room and play zen music; it will help you calm down your nerves. By practicing this, your productivity will be increased.


6.  Read and Keep Self-Help Books

                                                                Read the book here

Allow your space to become a good resource center for improving your creativity and productivity. Invest in some good self-help books by expert authors and keep them on display in different corners of your space. It can be somewhere where you spend most of your time, for example, the TV lounge and your bedroom. This will increase your exposure to improving your overall personality and home organization while also working as an elegant Zen décor element.


7.  Incorporate Tech-savvy Devices

Using some apps and devices that help you stay organized is always a wise option to opt for. Try to incorporate those technologies which assist you in staying focused and managing time, so you don’t end up feeling all confused in your head. For example, you can take the help of a step-count app or a fitness app that will track the number of calories you burn.

8.  Use Air Humidifiers and Diffusers


Believe it or not, the environment you breathe in has a lot to do with how you feel. If there is an unpleasant smell around, or if there is a lack of fresh air in your space, you wouldn’t feel at your best mentally. For better mental health and clarity of the mind, invest in some quality air humidifiers and diffusers to help you stay positive and calm during the day and help you sleep relaxed. After all, a zen room is all about calmness and relaxation of mind and body.

9.  Prep Food Regularly

One of the most important hacks for staying organized and making your space a Zen is to make sure the food you consume daily is accessible and prepared in a good setting. For that, you need to have a special focus on prepping the meals beforehand. Have any chicken marinated that you will later consume for making sandwiches or soups, cut and chop the vegetables to be used in salads, and so on. Place them in reusable plastic bags and freeze them until later use.

Use recyclable plastic bags or get glass containers for freezing prepped foods in the fridge. This will allow you to be considerate of the environment.


10.  Make a Corner and Time Only for Work

Most people don’t have a dedicated space for work. It feels more convenient to do work when you are in bed or eating something on the sofa. This is especially true for people who work from home. They also forget about time doing the work, which leads to a disturbing work-life balance.

The best thing is to get a separate zen desk for work in a specific corner. Dedicate time slot for work and don’t expand it throughout the day. This will help avoid distractions, increase productivity and prevent cluttering of work supplies around the home, making your space zen.

11.   Build a Cabinet under Bed

Getting a cabinet under the bed is the perfect answer for sorting your items in the bedroom. There might be extra stuff lying here and there in your bedroom that finds no place for storage. Having a cabinet built under your bed improves storage options and helps you stay organized without squeezing down your storage.

Also, you can store personal items of use in that drawer without getting concerned about your privacy. A tidy bedroom is, in fact, a healthy environment for your brain.


12.  Encourage the “Help Yourself” Approach

It is crucial to be able to encourage the “help yourself” approach regarding different things within your space among your family members.

  • For example, share the idea to clean your own dishes after each use.
  • Also, encourage that everyone in the house does their laundry themselves every week. Assign a separate time for laundry, so minimum water and detergent get wasted, and all members can work together to wash their clothes.
  • Also, teach and encourage kids to the idea of making one’s own bed.

Doing this will keep the tasks from piling up. It will also pave the way for responsibility and accountability among everyone sharing a space.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know what does zen mean and how to make your home a zen house.

Enjoy your Christmas without panicking about things with these life organization hacks. Plan things and meditate where you feel stuck. Enjoy spending time in your zen house and cut down distractions. Make the change this Christmas.


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